DIY USB Coiled Cable Kit

DIY USB Coiled Cable Kit

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Get started making your very own USB cables! This kit includes everything you need (excluding tools and solder) needed to make your very own USB coiled cable! 

Looking for some color inspiration? Take a look at our Themed DIY Kits.

This kit includes:

12ft: USB 2.0 Cable
14ft (7ft of each color selection): Paracord Sleeving
14ft (7ft of each color selection): Techflex Sleeving
Host Connector
Device Connector

Detachable Connector

*Some Detachable Connectors do not support a heat shrink.

Kit Resources: 

Tutorial Video
Picture Tutorial
Wiring Diagrams
Starter Tools Spreadsheet

The colors offered providing in these DIY kits will change depending on the supply. Feel free to join Discord if you would like to suggest new colors.

All DIY kits include a free optional upgrade to gold USB connectors.

An extra piece of heat shrink will be included in DIY Kits with the GX16 Aviator option selected.