CruzCtrl Cables

Hey there! Glad you found this page. My name is Josh and I make cables.

Welcome to CruzCtrl Cables

Based out of the Bay Area, California, CruzCtrl Cables aims to provide quality unique cables and parts for mechanical keyboards and any other input device you can think of! My goal is make you quality cables to really dial in your awesome desk setup. All custom built cables are made by yours truly with love in my bedroom. Feel free to connect with me via the links below!

Do it yourself Cable Parts

Want to see some cables?

Come check out hundreds of cable pictures on the Instagram page!

DIY Tutorials

Making cables is a very useful skill that just about every should learn. There will be many more uploads on the YouTube channel in the future, but for now check out this cable making DIY Tutorial playlist.

Join the Discord!

Join a community of folks learning about cables and even how to build them! Looking forward to chatting with you soon. :)