Get Inspired - Themed DIY Cable Kits

We've compiled some of our most popular group buys and color combinations to provide as Themed DIY Kits.
These kits include many of the same parts we've used to make our fan favorite cables. 

Making a custom coiled USB cable for your mechanical keyboard is quite an approachable hobby to embark on your own.
Start your journey with our cable tutorials on YouTube

Take a look at the rest of this post to get details on what Themed Kits are available and what they include!

PBT Islander
Created in collaboration with Abec13's PBT Islander Keyset

12ft USB Cable
7ft Minty Paracord
7ft Light BlueTechflex
14ft White Techflex
Brown Heatshrink Pack

KAT Iron
Created in collaboration Fatboycarney's KAT Iron keyset. 

12ft USB Cable
14ft Charcoal Paracord
7ft Carbon Techflex
7ft Shimmer Techflex
Black and Grey Heatshrink

Created in collaboration with chomusu x miraie GMK Oni keyset.

12ft USB Cable
7ft Light Blue Paracord
7ft Royal Blue Paracord

14ft White Techflex
Neon Pink Heatshrink (This heatshrink is 3/8in 3:1 and is a tighter fit than other heatshrink that is available on the site)
White YC8 connector is not included. Take a look at our airbrushing video if you would like to learn how to do it yourself.

This is the colorway that we put together for our groupbuy for
Probably the most requested colorway since we started. 

12ft USB Cable
7ft White Paracord
7ft Black Paracord
14ft Black Techflex
Black Heatshrink Pack

This is the colorway that has been a popular request from our past commission work. 

12ft USB Cable
7ft Olive Paracord
7ft Cream Paracord
7ft Olive Techflex
7ft Beige Techflex
Brown Heatshrink Pack

Green SA12 connector sold separately.

This is the colorway that has been a popular request from our past commission work. 

12ft USB Cable
7ft Yellow Paracord
7ft Black Paracord
14ft Carbon Techflex
Black Heatshrink Pack

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Thanks for taking a look. More themed kits will be added in the future!