The Future of CruzCtrl

Hey everyone,

It's been awesome to see the consistent support from the community. I am overwhelmingly grateful for everyone who has made a purchase from the store, watched one of my videos, or have just simply taken a look at the work I've been doing. 

I've been working my hardest to logistically and financially plan for this, but I'm really excited to announce that I've secured a physical location to expand the CruzCtrl operation. There's been quite a few challenges running everything out of my own apartment and I'm really looking forward to having a physical location to hire people in my local community to join the CruzCtrl Crew and provide safe jobs specially during this abnormal time in the world. 

Here's a few things to expect in the next month:
1) Faster fulfillment times for orders 
2) Expanded capacity to keep most items in stock
3) Many new items and options 
4) More video uploads, live streams, and social media activity
5) The possibility to have pre-made cables available
6) Rework and optimize many aspects of the website

It's been just about a year since I launched this store, and again I'm very thankful for all the support. We'll be moving as fast as possible to make this transition in a timely manner.