The CruzCtrl Cable Box

I've bounced around the idea of having my own custom box for quite some time. In my mind, if I created one it would have to be something that was meaningful to me and told a story that I wanted to share with others.
(I assume this also what people think of when they get their first tattoo lol)



Anyways, in my past life I was really into sneakers and the entire community around it. I was around the age of 13 when I really started diving into online commerce by completing hundreds of transactions through a now-defunct forum called ISS (Sole Collector Forums)

My favorite line of shoes has always been the Nike SB. There was something about that time of my life where I was really into these sneakers being a skate shoe, but also being iconic pieces of streetwear culture. 

(I had to dig deep into the dark realm of my 2007 Flickr for this)

These shoes came into the most iconic boxes that were the only boxes I would actually collect.

image source

Taking inspiration from this concept, I was really intentional in the design of these custom boxes. From the logo placements to the box info logo on the side, to the woodgrain interior, I'm pretty happy how these boxes came out. I'll be shipping out the custom cables that I make in these boxes. Hopefully, I'll be able to run these boxes in different colors in the future.

Thanks for taking this walk with me through memory lane. 

- Josh