Hey everyone!  

Just wanted to give you all a quick update about a pretty big move I'll be making this week. 

From making cables, taking care of the store, and making videos I've pretty much done everything out of a single bedroom since I embarked on my cable making journey a little over a year ago. I've really enjoyed taking pride in the work I do, and I do about 90% of the work related to CruzCtrl with a few awesome people in my life helping me out when they can. It's been quite a journey doing all of this on top of my full-time job. At the end of the day, I owe it all to the incredible support I've been receiving from the community along the way. 

This week I'll be moving to a new location that should allow me to significantly speed up cable and store fulfillment times. I'm also planning to greatly expand the variety of items available in the store as well as have a weekly YouTube upload (and hopefully even more streams on Twitch). 

Any recent orders from the store might take a few extra days to ship out. I'll be doing my best to turn around all orders within a week as I transition to my new location. 

Thanks again for your support and patience during this time. I'm really looking forward to the new opportunities this move will open. 

- Josh