CruzCtrl Corner 1: The Couch

Quite a few major changes have happened since our last CruzCtrl blog update.

We are thankful that you were interested enough to click on this newsletter so here's the short and sweet list of updates: 

1) The CruzCtrl Crew has grown to 6 members
2) Our move to the new facility has been fully completed
3) We've optimized many of our processes and are able to serve customers far more efficiently and effectively than we ever were before. 
4) We're currently working on bringing back more helpful / entertaining content to connect with the community.

From all of the support we have been receiving from the community, we have been able to keep most items in stock and ship out most orders within just a few business days!

We'll be heavily focusing on exploring new product offerings in the next few months. Keep an eye out for future updates on our social accounts that we promise that we'll be more active on. :)


Oh yeah, and we also got a couch. 

The CruzCtrl Crew